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AXPDF Image to PDF Converter

AXPDF Image to PDF converter is an efficient program that lets you convert your photos, drawings...

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AXPDF Image to PDF converter is an efficient program that lets you convert your photos, drawings, scanned and faxed images into PDF format. File your images into PDF now and no more exceeding folders for large quantities of them. Quickly get your cool customized E-book with AXPDF converter.

Key Features

Convert Image to PDF including:
* JPG to PDF (JPEG to PDF)
* TIFF to PDF (TIF to PDF)
* Multi-TIFF to PDF
* PNG to PDF
* BMP to PDF
* GIF to PDF
Stand-alone application
* Works independently of Adobe Acrobat.
Batch processing
* Images files are listed for you to sort output image sequences.
Control page sizes
* Auto-adjust page size in conversion or customize page sizes and image scales. More than 40 of paper sizes are ready for you to converter into PDF.
Output page setting
* Merge images into singe PDF or create individual PDF per image.
* Customize image resolution.
* MSet page margin if necessary.
* Insert header and footer.
* Insert text watermark.
* Set PDF information of title, author, subject, keywords, etc.
* Automatically generate bookmark using image file names.
Encrypt PDF files
* Give print, copy and modify permissions to output PDF.
* Secure PDF by a 40-bit or a stronger 128-bit encryption.
* Add passwords for the PDF owner and other users. More Info »

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