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Not that great.

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I can't speak for the detection rating, but the user side is pretty terrible. The scanner is extremely slow and completely froze once, causing me to have to forcefully restart my computer. As well as that it appears to get stuck on certain files and never continue.

I don't know how common these problems are, but I wouldn't recommend.


Oh my goodness, NAGWARE!

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As the title say, this is as bad as AVG Free. Popups on the notification bar EVERY DAY.


Avira is the best free anti-virus application for OSX

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If you consider the software which has the least impact on system performance to be the best then Avira is the best(free) application for OSX.

This is based off of a comparison of anti-virus softwares. The original publication conducted by AV-Comparatives is available as a PDF download here. It is a test of the impact of internet security software on system performance, unaffiliated with any software publisher, making it an unbiased comparison.

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According the the tests, there is 1 other application which is better than Avira; Eset, but they do not offer a free version of their software. They do offer a free 30-day trial and a yearly subscription service of $39.99 for one computer.


Free, fast and trustworthy

Ok, I'm inspired to post this review. :)

Avira is the best anti-virus right now if you're looking for a free solution. It has one of the best virus detection rates and the lowest impact on system performance (better than Windows Defender / MSE) you'll find at $0,00. Also, it only displays 1 pop-up recommending the paid version when you start the computer and that's it, not countless annoying ads like Avast has been displaying recently.

It's a trustworthy company, not those silly and disrespectful (mostly Chinese or partnering with them) companies that spread ads and install bundles like they're malware themselves (hello Baidu).

I recommend it to everyone!


Germany Engineer

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I've been using this security program for a long time. And it has never let me down :D/ although I'm using a Free version

See independent tests of anti-virus by AV-Comparatives:

Avira is one of the best anti-virus! :D


For people that browse and click with reckless abandon

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With its high detection rates and well-reviewed heuristic engine, I use Avira AntiVir Personal for any of my higher-risk clients (the ones that browse and click with reckless abandon). It's surprisingly light on system resources, but then anything will seem light compared to Norton.