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Results come out OK in limited formats but is dead-simple to use

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unlike adobe Premiere pro (gold standard), this one just handles one video clip but is simple to understand

Its very easy to delete various parts of your clip

Good if you want some lightweight video editing especially for video games

Comment by brandonc
about Avidemux · Jun 2017 ·

parsed my large video file and allowed me to straight forwardly cut a clip from it and export almost instantly into a different file format


Problems with uninstaller: be careful!

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I tried this programme which came up on a Google search for a free alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. However it is not an alternative, its range being essentially cut and paste.

The big problem became apparent only after I uninstalled Avidemux. I then became subject to error messages relating to the "SmartSound Quicktracks" plugin and I presume that the uninstall programme is the cause. The problem appears with all sorts of programmes - my genealogy programme, a directory printer etc., none of which have any use for "SmartSound Quicktracks" and all of which worked perfectly well beforehand. Interestingly, I use 2 operating systems, XP (32-bit) and XP Pro (64-bit) and it is with the 64-bit O.S. that the problem arises!

So, be careful!!