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Had it for years but I can't cope with the pop-ups that returns seven days per week any longer. Not how it used to be.



Has become nagware

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The new 2013 update is now nagware with no option to remove the annoying advertisements / pop-ups appearing on your task bar every morning to warn you that your "PC may be unstable or out of date" and other such nonsense.

I was a 6 year user and recommender of AVG and now I'm embarrassed that I've installed this on all my friends' computers. AVG is now off the menu for good.


It's FREE they said ...

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... but after one day AVG Free 2013 is nagging me to enter credentials and not letting me access my app settings.
After re install app tells me that there is a "free" period of 30 days.

What's the point of offering a free version when it's actually a trial version?

"Thanks" for wasting my time. :(

BTW: The app itself looks good and also found the knows infections.

As far as I know, AVG Free Antivirus has always been free. What might be happening is that it wants you to register first to continue its using.

Either that or perhaps you mistakenly downloaded the pro version.

Sometimes there's some software that, if you're not paying attention, activates a trial period and, when it ends, it activates the free version by blocking premium features.

No, the app wants a code from me. Not my email adress. Thats something completely different.

That's odd. Which Windows version are you using?

Win7 x64

Please, uninstall your version.
Access this site:

And download the "Free" edition. The download site should be:
http://download.cnet.com/AVG-AntiVirus-Free-2013/3000-2239 4-10320142.html?part=dl-avgfree_us&subj=dl&tag=button

Pay attention if there's nothing asking if you want a trial period (some software offers this and after this period goes to free version automatically) and give me an answer if you have the same problem.