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Avatier's suite of products address Identity and Access Management challenges by providing a complete identity access and asset risk management solution. It solves Provisioning, Governance, Risk and Password Management issues with a unique intuitive approach. The IT Store allows users to "shop" for access and assets similar to shopping online. Avatier has the fastest time-to-value of any IAM solution available today because of its unique web-based configuration approach, so the... More info »

Alternative names for Avatier: Avatier Identity Management Software Suite, AIMS


Mac, iPhoneAn iPhone approver app is available to allow access approvers the ability to approve access from their iPhone or iPad., iPadCompliance Auditor is an Access Certification solution that is designed to run on tablets or standard browsers.., Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Android + TabletCompliance Auditor is an Access Certification solution that is designed to run on tablets or standard browsers., Linux, Online, Blackberry, Java Mobile

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