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This Antivirus has serious problems

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I Tried this Antivirus because of its user ratings and popularity but after i found some serious problems like this :

  • Block Files on some PC Games
    When I Installing its setup, Avast Prevent the installation by removing some files in setup though there is no virus inside

  • Disable intel virtualization technology
    Keep Restarting and Enter BIOS while there is no problem at all ! Then I remembered that this happens after i installed AVAST!
    After Uninstalling, Intel-vt is enabled.....

  • Doesn’t detect fade adware
    Some Browser Adware called FADE, annoying virus that freeze screen to black and white and only able to be closed using alt tab or task manager are NOT DETECTED by AVAST!

Then I Tried Windows Defender or Malwarebytes and Every Serious Problem i Mentioned Above is Solved Instantly!


Forget this software,

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It downloaded Small Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome on my behalf. What that is basically saying is that my privacy is worse less than security. It should be more than obvious why this is messed up, but let's break this down:

  1. Google always remembers your history.
  2. You have to manually delete this history as their is no apps that will delete your history.

When I downloaded Avast, my computer was running significantly slower than normal. It wasn't running like this when I was using open source anti-virus.

Avoid this software.



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Without commenting on the product's effectiveness as security software, I would like to note that its pretty nasty annoyware. It pops-up an alert once an hour or so for two weeks until it gets you to break down and register. However, registering isn't that hard, it just requires a name and email address; you don't even need to open your email or a web browser.

When the product updates its definitions or completes a scan, it produces the world's biggest notification slide-in, which is pretty annoying.

I think avast previously interrupted movies and video games, but it seems like its gotten better on that point. I am a regular gamer and it has not interrupted a game yet.