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Automate Windows Administration with AutomiseTraditionally, batch files and scripts have been used...

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Automate Windows Administration with Automise

Traditionally, batch files and scripts have been used to automate Windows administration. For complex processes, these can be slow to create, difficult to maintain and suffer from a lack of proper error handling. Automise offers a better solution.

Through a drag-and-drop graphical interface, Automise provides over 350 built-in scripts to perform many common administrative actions. To automate administrative tasks, these scripts, called actions, simply need to be added to a project in the order in which they should be executed. Once a project is complete, it can be run with a single click, keystroke or automatically on a schedule. More Info »

Automise projects can also handle complex processes. Actions can be conditionally executed by using built-in flow control and exception handling. If a project doesn't run as intended, Automise provides a built-in debugger to diagnose problems and log files to give a detailed record for errors that occur.

And if none of 350+ actions can automate your task, Automise includes ActionStudio to create a custom action with PowerShell, Python, JScript, VBScript or your favourite .Net language. More Info »

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