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Pretty much does everything

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Just see what Tom scott says about it

enough said


Great program, mandatory install!

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I use autohotkey for tons of things, my most common usage honestly is for using emojis easily with simple lines such as
::djam::?(¬¦_¦)? ??

I also love to use it for simple macros ingames and moving around keys that are otherwise a pain to move! (Want to use some Win+X hotkey? Hehe simpler than you think).

I've also worked out a few scripts/bots for games using it and it makes such things super simple, I'd recommend it for any sort of hotkeys, scripts and other such things that don't require the power of a full featured language.

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Virus detected by

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I scan the installation file downloaded from official site and get virus detectected by

Any idea why malware is detected here?

Detection rate is 1/56.
AutoHotKey is a lot of users are using, there is no report of malware infection.
I think false detection.



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I use AutoHotkey in some way at least once every several seconds when I am on my computer. I use hotkeys, of course, but also timers which maintain my applications and tweak Windows as I see fit. It is quite literally the only reason I still use a Windows-based desktop.