Auslogics Disk Defrag Reviews

An essential tool for me, as a developer & tester.

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If you are a multi-platform software developer like me, you will find the need, from time to time, to defrag your hard drives.

My developer workstation has 3+ GB of local storage and I've tons of network storage too. With a base file count of about 720,000 files after a normal cleanup that is a lot of space with about 45% free.

And yes, I also use file indexers & powerful search tools too.....

For me, clean / defrag is a daily scheduled task.


Defraggler is the only defragging tool in the same league.

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Combining the Windows 98 type defrag UI, and settings that make sense, and can allow you to defrag the files that need it in under a minute at times. Defraggler is the only defragging tool in the same league.

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I think with Windows 7 you do not need a special defragmentation program:
One of the aspects that has evolved in Windows 7, compared with Windows Vista, involves the operating system's capabilities to glue back together disparate fragments of files that have become fragmented as a natural consequence of hard disk use. “The defragmentation engine and experience in Windows 7 has been revamped based on continuous and holistic analysis of impact on system responsiveness,” Rajeev Nagar and Matt Garson, both program managers on the Windows 7 File System feature team, revealed.


The pros and cons of Auslogics Disk Defrag

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This tool is quite similar to Piriform Defraggler, as it can defragment selected files only.
The details i liked about Auslogics Disk Defrag were however:
- drive map color legend directly in the main window (green color for continuous files)
- multiple volumes can be selected defrag + chkdsk (native OS cmd window is shown, thus also minor errors will be shown)
- portable version: only one exe file instead of a ZIP

- does not show files of each block
- only free for home use