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Try HomeDJ Streamer/Player for Android

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So far it is a best alternative to any streaming Android player. No limits, no firewall configuration required. I use it 10-15 hours a day non-stop playback and it never crashed. Easy to setup. Takes some time for Library scan, but music is available within 10 minutes after install. Library scan is used for dynamic playlist generation. It does not have playlist import yet, but I was told it is coming soon.
Best sounding player. Bitrates up to 380 kpbps in OGG streaming.
Recognized all my library with FLAC, APE, WP, MP3 and AAC, including CD Images with CUE sheets. Nice. Great support, dev responds very quickly and accepts my ideas for improvements. Some of the are already implemented. Nice.


Upcharges on Android make a sad panda

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They charge $10 for music caching (offline music play on Android). This seems absurd to me considering that they aren't even hosting the music themselves.


30,000+ songs on PC are now available by streaming to my An ...

Comment by NuAngel
about Audiogalaxy · Jun 2011 ·

30,000+ songs on PC are now available by streaming to my Android phone when I'm out for a walk, at the Laundromat, or in the car. THIS is how your music collection should work.

Audiogalaxy is NOT a cloud-based program...Amazon is a cloud-based program. You have to upload your music to the cloud. Audiogalaxy doesn't use the cloud. It streams from YOUR computer; not the cloud.

Wrong. Audiogalaxy was streaming songs located on their servers and matched by ID3TAG with your music files. If file is not recognized, it will stream from your home computer, otherwise it will stream predefined song from their cloud. It could be easily tricked by creating fake mp3 file with ID3TAG for any artist, album and song title and you will have it streamed to your phone, even if you do not own it.

I love that each reply to this thread comes about a year apart... AudioGalaxy changes their business model every six months or so. Once upon a time AG streamed directly from your computer. I don't know what it does now, I have moved on. Xbox Music with music matching and Plex for everything else, these days.