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You may want to capture music from YouTube, Pandora, or any other streaming audio web site, and you...

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You may want to capture music from YouTube, Pandora, or any other streaming audio web site, and you may want to record online radio programs or the audio part of a video, so you will be able to listen your favorite audio content later - on a PC, on a portable mp3 player or on the audio system of your car.

Audio Record Wizard is a good choice for you. This streaming audio recorder works directly with your sound card, so it is not only able to record streaming audio.

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Record any audio playing through your computer
You can record any audio, no matter where is coming from, e.g. Game, Video, Voice chat software.

Record voice - memos, interviews, audio books & more
Quickly and easily record any form of voice message, singing, or even an audio story for your children.

Convert tapes and records into digital audio files
Have you been putting off this task for years? If you have a collection of tapes or LPs, Audio Record Wizard can convert them into digital audio files. You won't believe how easy it is!

Long time recording
Record sound directly to disk, allowing you to keep recording for as long as there is free disk space.
If you would like to record into mp3 files (CD Quality: 44100Hz Stereo 128Kbps), you can record for 17 hours if there is 1 GB free disk space.

Voice Activation System, File Length Limitation System and Schedule
Features to help you quickly and easily customize your recording tasks. Save hard disk space, set file size limitations and easily record your favorite online audio programs - even while you're not at your PC!

Supports Windows 7
Audio Record Wizard 6 series provide native support for Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit edition). More Info »


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