Audacity Reviews

Reliable Program

Positive Review by MeganT
about Audacity and GarageBand Mar 2016

I use a Mac for audio editing and in my honest opinion I'd rather use Audacity.

GarageBand works well but I find it cumbersome and a bit harder to locate the features I need.


The 2nd best audio program I know!

Positive Review by thomasburt
about Audacity Jan 2015

Audacity is one of the best sound editors for beginners and is still great for advanced music makers.

It's much cheaper than other programs and has tons of effects to play around in.

Waveform editing couldn't get any better!


Audacity gets the job done

Positive Review by EddieCO
about Audacity Jan 2015

I can't afford (nor do I need) a Digital Audio Workstation and Virtual Studio Technology. For the relatively simple things I do, Audacity (and Fission, for simple editing of audio already in digital format) get the job done. Sure, Audacity's interface could be better, but I'm not one to criticize a freeware project which produces a useful, relatively bug-free product. I now do some work for non-profits, where dollars are always in short supply, so it's nice to have a piece of free software that can help me get those jobs done at no cost.


Waveform display sucks, noisy exported files

Negative Review by endolith
about Audacity Sep 2013

Audacity's waveform display sucks. The colors are ugly and when you zoom in to view individual samples, the intersample waves are linear interpolated, not sinc interpolated as the wave is actually shaped.

Also doesn't let you zoom in vertically to see low-level noise. You can only zoom in vertically to "±0.05".

Clipping samples are not displayed by default, leading to lots of distorted recordings from people who don't know any better. Displaying clipped samples as red lines should be enabled by default.

It adds dither to recordings when you export them, even if you're exporting from a 16-bit track to a 16-bit file. All this does is make your recordings noisier for no benefit. If you export a 16-bit track, it should just dump the data directly to the 16-bit file. There's no "conversion" necessary and no dithering should be applied.


A very good audio editor and recorder.

Positive Review by Save_The_Lost
about Audacity Aug 2011

I'm a musician and I had searched around for something to record my music and I happened to stumble upon Audacity. After making a few joke recordings, I realized that Audacity is actually a pretty powerful application. You can record, edit, do fade-ins and fade-outs and it has compatibility with LADSPA, Nyquist and VST plug-ins. You can use it, like I did, to record music, or you could use it to record old cassette tapes and records onto (if you have the right equipment and hookups to do so).

The only complaints I have about it are that it doesn't really do much audio-mixing. It just is good for audio editing and recording. Also, the builds are few and far between. Example: The last update, 1.3.13 came out on April 11th, 2011. The build before that, 1.3.12 came out on April 1st, 2010. That's over a year's time to come out with another build on their beta lineup...

But, despite those couple of complaints, Audacity really blows away every other audio-editor out there, and I'd highly suggest anyone who records anything should get Audacity.