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If you own a large collection of MP3s, this app will allow you to listen to your music anywhere, anytime and on any device that is linked to a network or a 3g connection. I installed Atmoshp3re back in January on the computer where all my music is stored and since then I have been enjoying my music collection like never before. Whether it's in the kitchen on my Ipad, while walking the dog on my Iphone, at work on my computer, or at the cottage in the backcountry, i can access any album i own and listen to it in its original format and without losing any sound quality.

This app has many other great features so you can organize, rate and share your collection, but unless you just want to listen to your music, its better to access it through a larger screen then say a smartphone if you wish to tweek your collection or be able to use all the features that are included. The two features that I like the most are the ability to fetch missing album jpg folders and being able to give access to my collection to friends and family.

All in all, Atmsph3re is a great alternative to those pricey music services and i think its one of the better if not the best solution for people who wish to stream their own music.