Atera Reviews

A breath of fresh air in a Crowded RMM Market

Positive Review by Nanogeeks
about Atera Apr 2016

I was previously a client of GFI Max, and knew it was time to switch. I was paying roughly $240 a month, just for Monitoring, AV, and Remote access. This didn't include a help desk or PSA system at all. Plus the back end always seemed clunky and I didn't really get much accomplished with it.

I found Atera on a stroke of luck, and I'm glad I did. The first thing that really impressed me was the fact that there is no per device fee. This would allow me to grow, and appropriate more of my money into other areas.

Second, with the PSA and Help desk being tightly integrated into this product, it made Customer management super simple. I seem to open Atera every day, because I find it to actually help me keep an eye on my client's systems, like it should. Where on the flip side, I tried to find any way to avoid logging into GFI because it was just mundane and un-useful.

I definitely recommend Atera to anyone starting out, or currently unhappy with their current solution.


Atera review

Positive Review by keeshuinink
about Atera Apr 2016

i like the product very much it works like a charm and is very useful for managed services. we use it for the contracts with our customers. remote control is also very good


atera, i love it

Positive Review by koenborms
about Atera Apr 2016

Since we use Atera software, a lot off our 'normal' time goes to real income situations. Before we had a lot of quick jobs, called bij the client and by this non-chargebale. This has changed and profit rises.
Also the updates and so on that are programable gives u a lot of room for real business.
We are very happy with Atera.

Easy interface
Quick overview
Realy good support
Not to expensive

non, except maybe the language, but which it-person doesn't know English


Love it

Positive Review by stevebailey
about Atera Apr 2016

Been using Atera for a few months now to replace Labtech. Overall, very glad we made the switch. The biggest thing that sets Atera apart from all other RMMs is its pricing model. Essentially, with only one tech, you can have unlimited seats.. Very appealing to small tech companies.
Pricing is per tech, not per seat
Cloud based
Great UI
Prompt updates
Remote connector can be finicky sometimes
I miss ScreenConnect sometimes but that's a small price to pay for how much you save by using Atera


Undoubtably one of the easiest Cloud Based MSP solutions on the market.

Positive Review by tobymartin
about Atera Apr 2016

* Easy to install light weight Agent
* Quick Remote Support Tool
* Easy per Technician Pricing Structure with Unlimited Device Management
* Integrated Cloud Backup and Email Threat/Spam Protection
* Modern, Clean Cloud based User Interface and Dashboard
* Built-In Ticketing System integrates with supported Zapier apps for Accounting and Billing
* Ticketing System has time tracking built it.
* Audible Alerts on Device Failure
* Help Desk agent allows clients to submit tickets with key-combination (Screen shots are attached to the ticket)

* Lacks the advanced Remote Command Prompt other solutions provide.
* No Apple Mac Agent (Mac clients are monitored via SNMP)
* Mobile portal lacks some of the features of the full site.
* No Integrated AV (But has support to monitor third party AV)
* No Dedicated Mobile App (Though they focus heavily on their Mobile Portal)
* Would like more options to customization the branding


A low cost alternative to other RMMs

Positive Review by graham12
about Atera Apr 2016

I've been using Atera lightly for the past 6 months. It has performed well for what I am using it for: monitoring, basic inventory and light scripting.


-Pretty easy access to get feature requests to the development team
-PowerShell scripting was recently added
-The pricing model works really well for small shops
-New features have come out at a pretty good pace so far


-Weak remote access/screen sharing via VNC -- it has been a unstable in my experience. I always have trouble with sending a Ctrl-Alt-Del
-Interface looks great, but I have trouble sorting through and seeing devices since it's not in a proper grid format


Pricing Model is second to none!

Positive Review by robhaefner
about Atera Apr 2016

We recently switched from Labtech to Atera. The pricing Model is a game changer. We love the fact that we pay per technician rather than per device. The program itself has a smooth interface as well that is easy to navigate. We have been using Atera for 2 months now but I dont see us going back...


Easy and flexible

Positive Review by dennispersoons
about Atera Apr 2016

Good and flexible monitoring and ticketing and much more, was a good choice for us! The support is always fast and very helpfull. We are working with more efficiency since we use Atera.


Atera for MSP's.

Positive Review by parkerl
about Atera Apr 2016

As the IT industry evolves, we have to also evolve to meet the needs of our clients. Our IT Company has seen a lot of changes in the industry over the last 20 years. In order to compete in this competitive market, we need to be in constant contact with our clients and to be able to quickly address their issues. Over the last year, our managers have been beta testing Managed Services Software products. They made a decision to buy a RMM package from a reputable company that wanted to break into this market. Their product offered an extensive feature list but it was too difficult to use for our staff and they did not invest the time to training and integration. So, after a year of wasting money, the owners of the company decided to go a different direction. They chose Atera, a full featured RMM and PSA product that is priced different than the rest of the market. This pricing model was what first attracted us to this product. Being a small company with a limited budget, we watch all monthly expenditures. Pricing based on the number of active Technicians just made sense to us and our clients. After the 30 Day trial period, communicating with Atera Sales and Support, we felt like this product was a perfect fit. The interface is easy to understand and Atera Support has been responsive and knowledgeable. We are still in the beginning stages of deployment and so far, we are very pleased with the performance and the Atera staff.


Great Tool for MSPs

Review by marksantorelli
about Atera Apr 2016

We have been using Atera's platform for a few months now and have worked with them on development and what a wonderful experience it has been. We look forward to helping Atera by offering ideas for new features as we continue to implement their solution into our business.
PROS: Great pricing, web based, great reporting, great customer service and easy access to remotely manage any device.
CONS: Remote connection only works in Windows and no end user remote connection feature but, both of these are on the road map.


Great product which is still evolving

Positive Review by rmutsers
about Atera Feb 2016

We have been using Atera aControl for quite a while now. It has evolved to a great product and it is still evolving. I also think that is it's greatest pro. They listnen to their users and incorporate input and ideas.
There could be some more improvement here and there, but at this moment I only think the remote control feature is not up to par yet.

Overall we are very satisfied with it.


Simple All-In-One Solution

Positive Review by Egoz
about Atera Feb 2016

Atera is the only easy and simple All-In-One solution.
We are using Atera cloud platform for almost 4 years now, and we are highly satisfied with the product and support.
Highly Recommended!


Atera Servicedesk = My Servicedesk

Positive Review by edwinkik
about Atera Feb 2016

Atera is a really well working set of servicedesk tools in one handy dashboard. It's providing us the ability to really service our customers to their IT needs. We use it to monitor all systems, support users remotely, easily backup and restore, follow it all up with tickets.


Atera cloud based MSP software is a giant killer

Review by chrisdouglas
about Atera Jan 2016

After looking at many different sign for packages I decided to give Atera a try. I was very happy that I did. the agent is very small and installs quickly. the software is very robust allows you to perform all of the functionality that all of the other big player software allows you to do. with that being said the software is growing every day and with each new release there are more more features that keep coming and I can't wait for each release. The pricing model is great and can't be beat.