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Best Linux ripping apps: Asunder and fre:ac

about Asunder and ripperX, Grip, fre:ac · ·

I tried sound-juicer, ripperx, Grip, Asunder and fre:ac.

Though it had a nice GUI, sound-juicer had no settings at all. ripperx was somewhat similar, but lacked the nice GUI. Grip also had not many options, but produced a good output MP3. Sadly, Grip is discontinued, so it doesn't make my list either.

The last two "competitors" are fre:ac and Asunder.
They both have many options and produce nearly similar output (almost identical files in both size and quality). Fre:ac is clearly modeled after the famous EAC for Windows, but in my opinion it also inherited the bad GUI. That is not necessarily bad, but I discarded fre:ac for my needs.

I'd recommend Asunder, because it has not only many options for the encoders, but it is also simple to use, fast and looks minimalistic and nice. No unneeded features, good output. Download it!