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Asana is ok for small simple projects.

But for big projects forget it.

I had a project with about 90 items and then about 10-20 subitems in each one. If someone checks the main item done, you assume all the subitems are done, but they are not. You have to go through each item and look at all the sub items to see if they are checked off or not. Because the main item can be checked off but the subitems not checked off. Making it totally worthless unless you want to spend hours going through each item. I reported this to the Asana team 2yrs ago and they refused to fix it, saying it wasn't an issue. Asana is just not up for the job for big tasks. I use Trello instead.


Liked Asana but....

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However, I found it to be a copy of Quire except that Quire does it better in my opinion. It just lost out to me as I don't think it handles sub tasks as well as Quire. However, it is highly recommended to give it a try.

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I won't say copy -- Asana was available much earlier than Quire. Actually, their philosophy is very different. Asana is very functional. In my opinion, too functional -- Asana was adding too many functions that resulted a complicated and sometime scattered UI. It is a good all if you prefer a very powerful tool.

On the other hand, Quire is straightforward and focuses more tree-like task hierarchy well. It is good for dynamic projects that break down tasks constantly. It could be just me, but I hope Quire not to follow Asana's function-first approach.