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Need Help!

Comment by manaspunhani
about Asana and ProductPlan Jul 2016


I am looking for a project management tool that does -

  1. Decision making tool that allows for weighting criteria and prioritization

  2. Roadmap Plotting

  3. Dashboard for Portfolio Management - so I can see if 40% of projects are short term and 60% are long term etc.

Not able to to find any that does all 3. Especially, the last one. Thank you



Comparison Asana / Planio -1 Helpful

Positive Comment by jansh
about Asana May 2016

In case you were looking, we've built a more comprehensive comparison page for Asana vs. Small Planio iconPlanio:


works good

Comment by rondapuck1206
about Asana May 2016

it's good but i think it needs to add some more features, the only thing it works good now is for managing tasks and proyects, i need it need some more things.


Great for remote teams

Positive Comment by nowshad78
about Asana Feb 2016

Communication online is a must for our company and industry. We have a in-house team yet after a restructuring of our company a lot of the people I worked with directly became remote. Before discovering Asana, we used other tools but they always lacked something - be in integrations, interface or simple buttons. Under Asana, our collaboration has become much more easy to manage, and visualize. Creating lists and sharing projects with others is super easy, not to mention the amount of third party apps and software it can integrate with is amazing. We use Gmail so it is very easy to simply attach documents and create group convos to the side of our work.


like it

Positive Comment by alisonblak
about Asana Jan 2016

i really like it, is a great way to manage your projects and have everything under control, helps keep track of everything you need to do too. i like it


Great project collab tool

Positive Comment by DamianN
about Asana Mar 2015

My new favourite project management tool. Great interface and seamless integration with other apps like Google docs. What I love about Asana (besides the fact that it is free) is that it works for individuals as well as groups. I use it for individual projects and at work. Teams don't even have to be that large for it to work. Only downside is that I wish their was a better way to undo things ie. once you've deleted a task.



Positive Comment by EmilyKramer
about Asana May 2014

Asana integrates with Instagantt for gantt charts, plus there are a bunch of other integrations if you need additional functionality.


No Gantt display

Negative Comment by mll
about Asana Apr 2014

No Gantt display natively in Asana - too bad. :/


Project Management Software

Comment by raphaelmark0007
about Asana Jul 2013

I am using Proofhub ( ) from couple of months. It offers features like to-do's, time tracking, discussions, casper mode, inbuilt browser chat and much more.


Perfect UI

Positive Comment by rockydennis
about Asana Jun 2013

I tried basecamp, trello, teamlab, toodleldo and a few others. Asana is by far the best, especially unlimited projects for teams under 30 members. All these other companies only offer 1-5 projects for free version.


Not Only for Teams

Positive Comment by Nishadha
about Asana Sep 2012

Sure Asana is built for teams, but it has plenty of awesome features for individual usage as well.


amazingly well done

Positive Comment by yboris
about Asana Feb 2012

Superb keyboard shortcuts for things. Easy to use, easy to edit, tight team integration. LOVE IT :D