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  • Wayback Machine icon

    Wayback Machine

    Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. The Internet Archive is a non-profit...

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  • icon Discontinued is more than a URL shortener. It stores current contents of a web page and gives you a link to the stored copy. So even if...

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  • WebCite

    WebCite®, which used to be a member of member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium, is an on-demand archiving...

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  • FreezePage

    Free online service for freezing web pages. Save, share and prove what is on the web at a specific point of time. You have to...

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  • Time Travel icon

    Time Travel

    Find Mementos in Internet Archive, Archive-It, British Library,, GitHub and many more!

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  • Competitor Screenshots icon

    Competitor Screenshots

    Daily screenshots of thousands of top Internet websites. Desktop and mobile screenshots taken. Ability to request any site to be...

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  • Stillio Automatic Screenshots icon

    Stillio Automatic Screenshots

    Stillio is an automatic screenshot service. With Stillio you can make daily screenshots of webpages to create, manage and share a...

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  • Archive-It icon


    A web archiving service to harvest and preserve digital collections

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Excellent webpage online archival system...and it's free ! ;)

Positive Comment by jdopen
about Sep 2015

You can search for keywords inside their archives using this query into google :

A few facts :
According to google, has (probably) more than 1 Million webpages saved since 2012.
On feb 2015, total storage used is about 200 Tb. is funded by an individual who pays $2,000/month (jan 2014) to run it (no ads for now)!
Each webpage saved can't be bigger than 50 MB each.



Negative Comment by joe5531
about Mar 2015

Annoyed with they need a better and faster abuse reporting system, i have sent several abuse reports to but none of sites have been delete and some of them lead to p~rn, others are offensive sites.