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Archipelis Designer is a software that creates 3D models in a different manner: it's possible...

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Archipelis Designer is a software that creates 3D models in a different manner: it's possible to create a 3D model simply and quickly by drawing it. Just draw the contour of the various shapes of the model (for example the head, the body, legs...) and Archipelis automatically merges them and applies a texture which comes from the image you just traced. It is possible to use a picture as a background and follows the contours on it. Or you can use a blank view and just draw the shapes you want from scratch.

Thus, very simply and in just a few seconds or minutes, it is possible to create "photo-realistic" organic models and to export them in widespread 3D formats like VRML, OBJ and more. Then you can use your favorite tools to add bones and rig the new creature for professional animation. Or you can import it to Quidam, Carrara, TrueSpace, Curvy-3D, Amapi & Hexagon and other 3D tools for further reshaping and editing the 3D mesh, and of course you can also take it straight into a game engine like 3impact. More Info »

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