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AppCleaner is a small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. Installing an application distributes many files throughout your System using space of your Hard Drive unnecessarily. AppCleaner finds all these small files and safely deletes them.

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Personally, I prefer to uninstall Mac apps simply by dragging them into the trash (strangely, this is actually one of my favorite parts of Mac OS X). However, on the off-occasion that I need to get rid of any extra files left behind, AppCleaner does the trick. There's no hassle to it, and the process is almost completely hands-free. Click twice, and you're done. AppCleaner doesn't have any extra features, but I don't need anything else anyways.


Add/Remove Programs for Mac

Positive Comment by cskevint about AppCleaner Apr 2010

I just found AppCleaner, which is basically the Add/Remove Programs for Mac. I went through and deleted a bunch of software on my Mac (cleanly) that I wouldn't know how to get rid of otherwise.