AppCleaner Comments


Does exactly what it says it does

Positive Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy

Personally, I prefer to uninstall Mac apps simply by dragging them into the trash (strangely, this is actually one of my favorite parts of Mac OS X). However, on the off-occasion that I need to get rid of any extra files left behind, AppCleaner does the trick. There's no hassle to it, and the process is almost completely hands-free. Click twice, and you're done. AppCleaner doesn't have any extra features, but I don't need anything else anyways.


Add/Remove Programs for Mac

Positive Comment by cskevint

I just found AppCleaner, which is basically the Add/Remove Programs for Mac. I went through and deleted a bunch of software on my Mac (cleanly) that I wouldn't know how to get rid of otherwise.