AP Tuner Reviews

Flawless – Simple, yet Powerfull

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AP Tuner is a simple and typical tool for tuning your guitar (probably other instruments as well).

It is labeled shareware by the authors, but after an initial information/licensing window - closed via a simple button click - you are free to use the application without any limitation or time limit. Hence, the usage model is really fair. And if you find the program useful are encouraged to buy a key, to support the authors and prevent the initial window on successive application launches.

The program listens to the systems default input (probably your microphone) and registers noise/acoustics above a certain loudness level.
On the right, it shows the guitar strings notes.
When it hears a strings note (not limited to the 6 displayed on the right), it will display the name of the analysed (closest) note, and the offset the actual noise had from the note.
Additionally to the digital representation of the offset it displays an “analogue” representation.

This is a typical representation that hardware-tools use as well, and is very fitting.

Other than that, it provides some settings, but not much more. Which is great.
A simple tool that does its job right. I found nothing that hindered or annoyed me at all.