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FREE e-mail account with IMAP, spam and virus protection with UNLIMITED storage (GMail max. 7.3 GB). Because of this AOL WebMail is ideal as E-mail archive or E-Mail-Backup utility for other Mail accounts. Move arriving E-Mails with E-Mail Filters (also search in text) in E-mail folders. E-Mail Filters can be sorted (not possible using GMail) with max. 50 filters. A good User Interface for AOL Freemail using IMAP would be Mozilla Thunderbird, which can put screenshots or pictures in new mails... More info »

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Negative Comment by jozsefk9 about AOL Mail Oct 2013

This worked great for many years then I got my account locked up because of some suspicious activities. That was sucks the big one. Even if I get it working again I am most probably moving away from AOL.


I think, today the best E-Mail-Solution with most advantages free of charge is the combination of UNLIMITED AOL Web-Mail Archive (IMAP) with Mozilla Thunderbird as a User Interface, which has nearly all useful features, that the professional commercial product Outlook has.
For detailed Information about 6 disadvantages of Web-GMail compared with Thunderbird/Outlook/AOL mail see: http://gsfn.us/t/btop
In Addition to this GMail has the little mistake: By the GMail filters, which delete mails AND place a label, the label is substituted after some days with the empty label "".
Details and voting-possibility see in German: http://www.googlewatchblog.de/wishlist/wish/561/