AnyTrans Reviews

Slow and buggy

Negative Review by kimkimball
about AnyTrans Sep 2016

This application takes forever to do anything. It's currently been running for more than five minutes after connecting my iPhone, saying that it is "Analyzing Files" -- which does not complete, ever.

Uninstalled, reinstalled, same behavior.

On the few occasions that I've managed to actually start file transfers, the transfers themselves are very very slow.

No way to set preferences. I have no idea where the files are going, which iTunes library is being updated.

Cannot shut the application down -- it's currently still "Analyzing Files" -- I asked it to quit -- still keeps running -- hung, I'll bet, in an infinite loop.

All in all, good idea, really really poor implementation.

Very sorry I spent money on this turkey! Won't buy anything else from this company.

[Edited by kimkimball, September 02]


iTunes Alternatives

Positive Review by samulyeal
about AnyTrans and iTunes Jul 2015

easy use interface, perfect merge and clone features, transfer almost anything from idevice to another, between idevice and computer, no matter mac pc...


Very Slow

Negative Review by jan_park
about AnyTrans and i-FunBox, iExplorer Mar 2015

I have used this app for almost 2 months now, and is the slowest application I've ever bought in my life, it is very complete I have to say that, but is the worst application in efficiency compared with others like iFunBox or iExplorer. I've contacted the developers for a refund but they didn't wanted to help me, instead they provided links to download an updated version of the application which didn't improved the speed by the way. I'm unsatisfied. My advice use a free software like iFunBox. Don't buy AnyTrans.