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Utter crap -1 Helpful

Negative Review by stewartalexander
about AnyDesk Nov 2016

Tried to install a trojan virus into the network, do not use



Review by kirillkulikov
about AnyDesk Oct 2016

I use This remote control software works very well. I like the ability to share screens, transfer files remotely without interrupting the user, and it's speed. It also integrates security with AD. The only downside is it will not operate through firewalls like TeamViewer. It requires a VPN connection.


Really impressed 1 Helpful

Positive Review by GringoFrenzy
about AnyDesk May 2016

Well, I used this as a last resort because I didn't want the 5 min time limit that TeamViewer impose on free sessions, and because Chrome Remote Desktop couldn't punch through my friend's NAT firewall for some reason.
We were amazed at how easy this was to use (up and running in seconds) , especially considering no need to install, and a tiny download.
Image quality and speed were top notch.
It even placed my friends dual monitors into separate tabs at the top of the screen so I could flick between them easily.

Didn't try any extra features like file transfers or anything, so can't comment on that, but definitely recommended this based on remote desktop access alone.


Excellent support

Positive Review by Teo
about AnyDesk and TeamViewer Dec 2015

The program is still young and actively developed but while it has the occasional issue the support is above average. I've actually seen them fix something and roll out a version update after I explained a problem. Which is something I have never and will never see the teamviewer guys do.