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Seems like the best free CD burner for Windows and is regulary updated. No bundleware and working without problems as of time of writing. Nice software!


Amazing tool!

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I used to have all sorts of disc-imaging tools installed - starting from Nero to Alcohol and Daemon Tools. When Windows started to mount disk images as virtual drives, I didn't need almost any tool anymore.

Today I needed to do a simple edit on a ISO file and I didn't want to download a whole bunch of tools just to do it, so I gave AnyBurn a chance and I'm not disappointed. It has a very simple user interface, straight to the point with no unneeded menus or visual gimmicks, like many other tools do. It is very easy to navigate through the app, most of the functions are acessible from a single click on the main screen.

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It works as intended (at least for what I wanted) and it is very light on resources - which is amazing, since there are tools out there that requires a lot of resources to do the same things.

If you need a simple tool for do all sorts of tasks with disc images (mainly ISO/IMG files, the formats that I believe to be the most common), give this app a try. I bet that you'll not be disappointed. And the best of all - it's free!