AntiMicro Reviews

Great alternative to Xpadder

Positive Review by JollyDorque
about AntiMicro and Xpadder Mar 2017

Used to use Xpadder when they were free. Went looking for it again and it's no longer freeware. This works great, and has just as many features as Xpadder.


Amazing mapper

Positive Review by livethetruth
about AntiMicro Oct 2016

I have a few wireless Xbox 360 controllers, a Wii classic pro controller (with Mayflash USB adapter), and a cheap USB NES controller. AntiMicro works with all of them, and lets me map things however I want. The only problem I ran into was with the cheap USB NES controller. It doesn't seem to recognize the D-pad, but you can map it as the left stick, and use quick set to set each arrow as WASD. Then it seems to work fine. Or you could probably just set the controller back to default and map each numbered button inputs (which includes the d-pad). AntiMicro works well, it's pretty easy to learn, and it's both open source and free. It also has both portable and installer versions for Windows (I'm using the installer btw). What more can you ask for? Thank you devs for making this!

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Works perfectly

Positive Review by tarvankrieken
about AntiMicro Jun 2016

For some reason I wasn't able to download the program through the provided link.
So I searched on google (hoping to find a trust worthy download so I don't get any viruses) for it, and it works great.
The program contains many features and is really simple to use, couldn't be any happier with it!


The only one that works.

Positive Review by JollyGreen21
about AntiMicro Sep 2015

For start i'm running Windows 10

I tried all the other top rated mappers and none of them would return the mouse to the middle of the screen like I wanted. AntiMicro was the only mapper that worked as I wanted. I also think it was the easiest to set up because its not all wiz bang fancy.

I don't write reviews normally, but this program made me very happy and my games more interesting to play.


Works Perfect

Review by adamrad
about AntiMicro Jul 2015

In terms of a small, unobtrusive mapping program that does EXACTLY what you want it to in perfect intuitive form, this is it. I was looking for an alternative to xpadder. From the time I downloaded this to the time I had it all mapped out was literally probably less than 60 seconds. It's that intuitive, and it works perfectly.

Thank you to the creator(s) of this!


sooo awesome program!!

Positive Review by steamvoid
about AntiMicro and Xpadder Jan 2014

Works very nice in Windows 7-8

At first I was using the free version of Xpadder but sucks a lot and Jonathan's ego too
(The unwarranted self-importance Xpadder programmer)

But by far. AntiMicro is much better, fast, efficient and Free