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Comment by niclasdaniels
about Anki · Jun 2017 ·

Available on many platforms and has cloud sync as well as many useful features for spaced practice etc.


A Great Memorization Program

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I have Anki 2.0.36 and it is awesome. The interface took less than five minutes to learn and the minimalist format is useful without being distracting. I got Anki yesterday after I failed a Biology test. I imputed the study material and began the process. I am already seeing results this morning. Most of the facts I could not remember on the test I can now recite with ease, and that is after only two study sessions. I can easily recommend this program to anyone who has a hard time memorizing like me.


Amazing and highly recommendable!

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Anki is a stunning piece of software. While it is easy to get started building your own decks with very good video lessons, you can also access a giant database of finished decks, especially for languages, free of charge.

What I love most about Anki is the sync function. You can build your decks on a computer and repeat the cards on the go with about every smartphone there is. Its way of organizing your repetition so you can focus better on learning new stuff is very supportive.

The software is rock-solid code - I never experienced any problems. And have I mentioned it is free of charge? I'm a donator!

Sadly not anymore in 2013, with Anki 2.

The User Interface is currently terrible.
Things like creating a new deck seem near impossible to find how to do.
There's both options for the decks & preferences for the client - which doesn't seem to work as well as it sounds like it should.
It feels clunky to do anything I want to do beyond the most basic reviews.

There's also some incompatibility issues that didn't exist when it was just Anki 1, and furthermore there might be syncing issues.

All in all, Anki 2 seems to be a pretty big downgrade version unless you're an Anki 2 expert - so keep Anki 1 if you have it - otherwise you may likely prefer one of the alternatives :)

Thank you for the input. I am afraid I do not share your concerns. I'm working with Anki 2 every day and while there have been setbacks they were always quickly resolved. By now I have learned the advantages of the subdecks to the deprecated "cram" function. Long story short: I am still very happy with Anki and continue to recommend it everywhere. I hope you could find something that works for you or make your peace with Anki 2. :)