Anim8or Reviews

Great for learning 3D modelling

Positive Review by zabast
about Anim8or Dec 2015

As the other reviewer already wrote, this software is a bit limited and dated, but it is the best tool out there to learn 3d modelling, just because of this. You won't get overwhelmed by all the options crammed into other 3d software that way, and for the first steps in 3d, this is important.

Together with the fact that it is 100% free, it also has quite a lot of features: From rendering to animating. 10/10, I love this software.


Simple & easy, but dated

Review by xcr00k3dx
about Anim8or Feb 2013

Very simple & easy to use. A great program for beginners to 3D modelling. It can be extended beyond it's capabilities, with features like new file-type exports, with a built in script runner. Being able to animate models & pose is also awesome. And it's free. The best things in life are free!
However, straight out of the box it is rather limited and very dated when compared to other applications. Due to missing or limited features in the editor, & the way certain click types are handled, character & high poly models are incredibly difficult with the mesh editor.

7/10; Great freeware for posing & animating. Daz3D Hexagon is a better choice of easy to use freeware for mesh editing, though.