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  • Crush the Castle icon

    Crush the Castle

    The King has ordered you to crush all resistance in order for his kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castle by wiping out all of it's inhabitants with a powerful...

    Freemium Web Android iPhone iPad

  • Gallia icon


    Gallia is a game with a historic theme and its gameplay combines Match3, Bubbleshooter & Catapult.

    Free Android Kindle Fire

  • Goat Simulator icon

    Goat Simulator

    Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your mobile...

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... iPad Steam

  • FlingMonster icon


    FlingMonster is a physics based slingshot adventure game bought to you by Team Honcho. FlingMonster is available on the App Store and Google Play.

    Freemium Android iPhone iPad

  • Slam Dump icon

    Slam Dump

    Slam Dump is a hilarious and fun action game where you dump on bugs before they reach the rim of the toilet and escape. Bugs can only be stopped after they have left the...

    Free Android

  • Angry Frogs icon

    Angry Frogs

    Help the frogs to destroy the evil snakes. Use your finger to load the slingshots and destroy all the snakes using frogs different powers. Game genre: Angry Birds. ...

    Freemium Android

  • Mongos icon


    Mongos is a projectile physics style game similar that is an attempt to be a cross between Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and a roll of bubble wrap.

    Free Android

  • Bloons (series) icon

    Bloons (series)

    Play as the mischievous monkey as you set out to pop as many balloons as possible using an arsenal of darts and special power ups. Bloons is a simple yet hugely...

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Catapult King icon

    Catapult King

    Take down forts, castles and even a fire-breathing dragon in Catapult King—the King of castle crushers! Rescue the princess and defeat the enemy in this beautiful, 3D...

    Commercial Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Ninja Dogs icon

    Ninja Dogs

    An "Angry Birds" inspired game...but with ninjadogs and cats! Beat a series of worlds and rescue the NinjaDog Master from the Black Cat! Let's get our...

    Free Web

  • Cubium icon


    Cubium is a game based on physics laws. The goal is destroying of construction by set of offered tools.

    Free Web

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  • I hate Angry Birds icon

    I hate Angry Birds

    App Store comes in a game against the famous Angry Birds. The game is only available in the iPhone and the purpose (the developer) is just to demonstrate his opposition...

    Commercial iPhone

  • Physi Bricks icon

    Physi Bricks

    Physi Bricks is a physics powered game in which the goal is to knock green blocks off the screen using many different types of ammo. Play many unique levels with...

    Free Windows Phone

Angry Birds (Series) Comments


about Angry Birds (Series) · ·

I took to play with my brother and could not tear myself away.



about Angry Birds (Series) · ·

My favorite game!



about Angry Birds (Series) · ·

At first it doesnt seem like a game i would be interested in playing, it looked a bit to kidish but after i played it for a while it got very very addictive. AWESOME GAME!



Comment by realnabarl
about Angry Birds (Series) · Apr 2013 ·

I gave up playing this within one hour. Can't understand why it got extremely hot.


Angry Birds Online

about Angry Birds (Series) · ·

The link above is giving me some problems with Chrome under Linux (the game window is pretty big and the flash plugin goes crazy)... but i'm fine with this one:


who will win the adblocking war?

Comment by More_Bacon
about Angry Birds (Series) and AdAway, DroidWall · Nov 2011 ·

Will rovio be able to inflict ads on the savvy LINUX user? and win by blocking adblockers?

Or will the much much larger adblocking community prevail? empowering the average power user to control HIS hardware and HIS bandwidth?


(hint: not rovio)


Rovio has released an online version of Angry Birds to show ...

Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Angry Birds (Series) · Jun 2011 ·

Rovio has released an online version of Angry Birds to show off Google Chrome's WebGL support or whatever. It's pretty cool:

This should work best on Chrome, though it can probably run on any browser with sufficient support of WebGL (aka not Internet Explorer).


While linux enthusiasts wait for the official release of an ...

Comment by saurabh80
about Angry Birds (Series) · Jun 2011 ·

While linux enthusiasts wait for the official release of angry birds on ubuntu, there is a nice alternative. You can simple try a game called angry animals. I recently posted How to Get and Play Angry Birds Clone on Linux on my blog. My be you should try :-). Here is the link:


Play Angry Birds online.

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about Angry Birds (Series) · Jun 2011 ·

Can't be used natively on linux, so I requested that it be ...

Comment by Furgelnod
about Angry Birds (Series) · Jun 2011 ·

Can't be used natively on linux, so I requested that it be removed from those platforms. Also reuested Mac OS and Windows, oops, just realised from that comment down there that Windows support is available, and on closer inspection its in the mac app store, oh well we all make mistakes =D. Angry birds is a great game, by the way, defiantly worth getting, it was a welcome addition to my iPhone.


You Can Play AB on 7/XP (Via Intel AppUp Store, No Support ...

Comment by Evgeny
about Angry Birds (Series) · Jun 2011 ·

You Can Play AB on 7/XP (Via Intel AppUp Store, No Support For Vista)


This is a game, but I don't see how there is any type of al ...

Comment by Reprotected
about Angry Birds (Series) · Jun 2011 ·

This is a game, but I don't see how there is any type of alternative to this game, except for Bloons or something.