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4GB RAM hog

by heterochromiairidum
about Andy · Apr 2017 · 1 Helpful

Andy = Bullshit


Andy has lost its way with bloat-ware; Better options found Thanks to alternativeTo

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I was an Andy (Android) supporter until late 2015. However, the more recent versions that have been released install a lot of bloat-ware apps that force you to play or activate them prior to releasing control to the emulator main page. I was very unhappy about Andy's uninstall functionality (more ) and left over setup files. MEmu, KOPLAYER, and Nox are good alternatives for Windows users.
Some of the newer android emulators are not dependent on virtual box which brings issues of its own.


Best ever!

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If any of you guys are looking for a better and a friendly up-to-date Android emulator don't miss Andy!


Andy as Android VM

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I've given it a try, but it horribly slowed down my machine (with 6GB ram & 2x2,2 GHz cpu) - had to uninstall.