Google Play Store Reviews

Google Play Store Crashing

Positive Review by rajeevmehra
about Google Play Store Jun 2016

If Google Play crashes after launching it, you might have a corrupt cache. Most of the time, simply wiping its cache fixes the problem. what to do now


Play Store Alternative

Review by monda
about Google Play Store Dec 2015

Some outdated links still on top, there are many well known sources are not in list yet. and some other easy to use and clean well reputed links must be the part of this list.


malware, MALware, MALWARE = adware : opposite of free in the classical sense

Negative Review by Unwasted_Youth
about Google Play Store and F-Droid Jul 2014

A market tolerant of adware is to be avoided. Google is primarily an ad service. Conflict of interest much?

It is NOT necessary to subjugate an android device to a google account!

Support developers outside google play so they may keep all of their profits.

SHUN malware developers. If the app has an add it is both malware and NOT free.

free in the classical sense is without any cost. third party ads are a COST.


Almost outrageously cumbersome to use

Negative Review by Anamon
about Google Play Store and Apple App Store Mar 2014

Google Play Store is, of course, by default the software source for Android devices. However, actually browsing or searching for apps is a pain.

Already know exactly which app you're looking for, by name? You'll be fine. Or do you want to try out an app that Google particularly promotes? That's okay as well. In any other scenario, you'll be out of luck. There are literally zero search options, filters, or similar features. All the information is there: if you open the details page of an app, you get its category, its price, its system requirements, its file size, its rating, the date of its last update, etc. But all of this information is doomed to remain statically on the details pages. You can't search or filter by it.

Did your first 50 search results only show apps that are 100MB or larger, for something that you really think should not take up more than 5MB? You can't add this to your search criteria. Only want apps that many people have rated highly? You can't sort your search results by rating or popularity. You can't even sort them alphabetically or by date added/updated. The only sort order you get is the unspecified one decided upon by the Play Store! And for every other criteria you might have, you have to open the details page of every single app, one by one. Needless to say, no one who worked on Play Store has put even one second of thought into its searching and browsing features, and they are completely useless. I thought app searching and browsing couldn't get worse than in the Apple App Store. I was wrong.

Look for an alternative, any alternative, before trying to find an app that suits your needs. You can still go back to Play Store to download it, once you know the exact name to find it by.


Google Play << Android Market

Negative Review by endolith
about Google Play Store Feb 2013

I wish it still had the app reviews when you uninstall, so you could tell the author why you were uninstalling it.

I wish it was still just an app store, and not a "music and movies and book and unrelated crap!" store. It sucks that I have to click so many times to get to the important part of the app.

Google loves shoving Google+ down our throats, and they've done it again by making it mandatory that you use your Google+ account to review apps on the app store. Makes me want to switch to an alternative


Thumbs Down on Google Play

Negative Review by dp
about Google Play Store Oct 2012

I am really disappointed n the way Google has developed Google Play from Android Market. I have an android phone with a small-ish memory - much of which is taken up by vendor installed apps that I don't use - Twitter, Gmaps, ...

When Market was changed to Google Store, the application size went to something like 2M, which wiped out my system memory. Bloatware! So I uninstall any upgrades that sneak onto the phone.

But when I do use Store to search for a replacement application, the web-based display has no field for searching on memory size. I can handle a 200K app alright, but so many are upwards of 4Mb. I should be able to filter these in the search field. You might think Google would know how to set up a search facility. But no, Google Play is rubbish!

So it's off to search for an alternative to it!