AMPPS Reviews

good luck use something else.

Negative Review by mortedesiderio
about AMPPS Nov 2015

for one can't change php versions. its stuck on 5.3 (EW!!!! Should be using 5.5 or higher).

then after a few restarts it automatically has errors in php configs. blah.


Pick a different one.

Negative Review by escoles
about AMPPS May 2015

I've used a number of WAMP and MAMP stacks over the years, and of all of them, AMPPS has been the MOST DIFFICULT to use and most time-consuming to troubleshoot. It would have been faster and easier to just install Apache and MySQL from scratch.

  • Really, REALLY difficult to have the htdocs anywhere other than where AMPPS wants it. (This would have been a deal-breaker if I knew it in advance, because it makes it useless for me on my work PC.)
  • This is the ONLY stack I've used that has trouble grabbing port 80 from the various Windows system processes that always seem to want to use it.
  • The Softaculous installer seems like a nice thing at first, but it insists on prefixing your database tables which makes it useless as a prototyping tool.

Overall recommendation: Pick something else.


My opinion...

Positive Review by kvantor
about AMPPS Jul 2012

This one of the most exclusive and helpfull Apache+MySQL+PhpMyAdmin PHP Server. It includes more than 290 cms and frameworks that can installed in your alias local domain directory in som? seconds. And that`s all containing this stable Web Server.