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It helps me to find me tons of useful applications and web sites. Thanks to authors for tremendous work!

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This site is a wealth of valuable information on the Internet ..
Thank you so much

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Can't find a better alternative to this site, indispensable, irreplaceable.



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i like this app he's perfect

Comment by niclasdaniels
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Makes it easier to screen for software that are similar but may differ so you can find features you didn't know you needed or should look for.

Comment by sylain
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I love this website. Well organised website were everyone can contribute. Stay awesome !

Comment by prakash99
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finding alternative software is super easy with AlternativeTo.

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This is the best website to find alternatives!


Great! Active and growing community! A lot of Programms and Games!

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This Site is providing to so much games, that are underrated or even just released, this is fantastic!
Also the big and active growing community is great!

The best is you can find real free alternative programms for so pay-stuff!
"Linux Alternative also included that is great also!"



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Thanks! This is great!

Reply saved my ass

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Had a major issue with my HDD this weekend, general HDD failure, false failures, RAW formats, so on.

I was searching the forums for the necessary info, I had not clue what was going on, I was finding lots of theories, and possible apps that could solve my issues (filesystem changed to RAW), for a price. Found too many pay applictions with large downloads, limited trial features and the like. Upsetting to say the least. I needed something quick, free, and most of all, small.

Then I had a massive brainwave, and checked AltTo for said applications and their counterparts, eventually found a couple viable tools, but found Small TestDisk iconTestDisk to be the best of all worlds. No recovery, but I could fiddle with a corrupt MBR, boot sec, and such and such. Which was exactly the problem. And almost no forums detail the causes of these issues properly, or their (easier) solutions.

Turns out, at the end, all it really needed was a good ol' CHKDSK via DOS, something the forums said won't work. Fixed!

Thank you, and everyone involved, you saved my ass.
I'd like to start a thread of similar stories, where AlternativeTo actually saved you time, lots of money, or changed the way you do things on your PC. Call it a testimonials thread.


\EDIT: Check my blog post for what happened to my electronics this weekend. Not good things, I can tell you.

I had a total hdd crash around Christmas but I was lucky and had 99% of the material backed up via Time Machine.

Very happy to hear that AlternativeTo played a part in the solution for you. Thanks for sharing your story!