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AlternativeTo let you find new Windows, Mac, Linux, online and mobile software based on applications you already know instead of useless categories. AlternativeTo is a new approach to finding good software. Tell us what application you want to replace and we give you suggestions on great alternatives! Instead of listing thousands of more or less crappy applications in a category, we make each application into a category. Think of it like forever evolving blog posts about good alternatives to... More info »

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Best Site

Positive Comment by OlaMohammad about AlternativeTo Mar 2014

Best website ever . I love it . Thank you .


First of all, Thanks for providing such an awesome service!

That said, I really don't like the new site. I thought i would get used to it, but i still haven't, and it bothers me that so many people in the software/webApp/operating system development world feel the need to keep "upgrading" things by giving them superficial facelifts. I understand that attracting new users is a big deal, but as an old user, when i see a great site try to mimic windows 8, it's like watching a beautiful young girl put on way too much makeup.

anyway, thats my two cents. I still feel that alternativeto.net is the best place to find and review alternative software, and I will continue visiting your site and adding whatever content I can.

All the best, Chris

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Restore openID accounts

Comment by Venom88 about AlternativeTo Also mentioning: ClaimID myOpenID Dec 2013

After Small myOpenID iconmyOpenID and Small ClaimID iconClaimID shutdown, some AlternativeTo accounts can have some problems.

If you can't access your account, send an email to support[at]alternativeto.net and we will restore it :)


Maybe this could be useful.

I receive updates for recently discontinued apps by adding RSS for this page: http://alternativeto.net/tag/discontinued/justadded/


privacy issue

Comment by pyrih about AlternativeTo Nov 2012

can't choose to hide or delete my activity or username


You can easily delete your account clicking on your Username, on Edit your profile and selecting Remove my account in the bottom of the page.


I'm a Wakoopa user, however it has been dead.

What Wakoopa good for me is:

  • Its community. Things get more connected. I browse reviews too much, so it wasn't just a tool for me.
  • Its tracker. Well, on alternativeTo, submitting softwares take much time and it is boring, tracking is much better.

limitations or flaws

Comment by maix about AlternativeTo Oct 2011

the most obvious flaw is the hard coded platforms; when you try to add a OS you are forced to select one of the platforms and this doesnt seem to be the proper way, in my opinion there should be a field which categorises the software by its simplest type (entertainment, OS, ...etc) and when OS is selected the now hard coded platforms should appear to select the family of that OS