AeroSnap Reviews

Not bad, could do more.

by alainbryden
about AeroSnap · Jan 2012 ·

Only really feature snapping to the right, left and top while dragging the window. Sometimes the snap doesn't take when the bump the edge of the screen and you need to do it a second time. I also am sorry to say it doesn't support resize-snapping (i.e. dragging from the top edge of a window to enter resize mode, and hitting the top of the screen to make the window retain it's current width but take up the full height of the screen.)

Hopefully features they'll work on. Either way, I'm keeping it around.


AeroSnap doesn't work as flawlessly as the "snap" feature o ...

by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about AeroSnap · Jun 2011 ·

AeroSnap doesn't work as flawlessly as the "snap" feature on Windows 7, but it's close. Sometimes, it feels like you have to drag a window way too far to the side before AeroSnap works. Also, AeroSnap doesn't interact very well with maximized windows. When you drag a window to the top of your screen, AeroSnap just stretches the window across the whole screen, instead of actually maximizing it. In fact, AeroSnap doesn't even work when your window is actually maximized.

But overall, AeroSnap is still a great app. I just hope that they fix the bugs and weird problems that AeroSnap has by the time it leaves beta.