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+1 for AEROADMIN. Just switched to it and it feels just great.


Exactly what I was looking for.

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I was looking for an alternative for the good old Teamviewer, since my company doesn´t want to spend that much money on an Remote Desktop Software.

Fiddled a bit with UltraVNC but UltraVNC doesnt has encryption and an auto roll-out function in first place. Everything has to be installed separately.

Yes, AeraAdmin is a bit of a Teamviewer clone, but that makes using it even more easier. It even has a favourites list. I´m impressed.

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I saw the comments about below my Post and that made me check the aeroadmin.exe again. The result was an 0 / 49. So it is save, I guess.

Check out ISL Online remote desktop software - . It's not free, but it has a completely different pricing scheme. One licence only limits the number of simultaneous connections (no other limits) and it includes ALL updates & upgrades.


VirusTotal shows 0/51

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Aeroadmin.exe is ok according to VirusTotal

Good and easy app.

P.S. Admins, please change the status of the software.

I still see 5 / 48 , "Trojan.GenericKD.1514028 " on that very link

False positive alarm.


Teamviewer copy

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Ideal for quick and easy connections to remote users who are too far from IT and computers.
A tiny .exe file, light user friendly interface with no bulky controls. Pretty fast image speed.


Fast and easy

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A very easy to use and fast app. Must have!