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Advanced Tokens Manager

Advanced Tokens Manager, will help to make a complete and trusted backup of your activation...

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Advanced Tokens Manager, will help to make a complete and trusted backup of your activation data

Microsoft imposes a limit of activations for each license online, using the program, you can activate offline number of times you want, and enjoy your Genuine Software

*Number of times you want on the same machine [ limited legally by Microsoft Hardware ID ] More Info »

The Backup Compatibility is:
Office 2010
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2008 / 2011 Family
* All editions, versions and Service Packs of supported softwares

The Advanced Tokens Manager is total-developed by Josh Cell as principal program engineer and Graphical Elements ;
Alphawaves will be helped with developement, sharing the principal Office 2010 DigitalProductID Decoder and Registry search features, new ideas and other helps ;
CODYQX4 and user_hidden for sharing DigitalProductID decoder methods ;
Advanced Tokens Manager name decompilation: Advanced modules for Windows and Office 2010 Tokens Backup / Restore methods and management .
What is Tokens.dat?
Tokens.dat is a digitally signed file, which stores most of the windows activation files;
All files together have a digital signature that prevents tokens.dat be replaced on other machines, in this case, if used on different machines, will ask for online activation;
I advise making a new backup every change in hardware.
Virus FREE, no external programs required [ .NET Framework v3.5 only ]
Auto-log for Restore functions
Coded with security features
Very lightweight and fast
Dynamic interface
~5 minutes is estimated time for restore your activation
How important is I have the phone activation?
You do not need to call for Microsoft, entering 25 numbers, and imput 25 characters on the microsoft activation utility ;
You restore the activation in one click ;
You can make changes in hardware, without losing your license [ of non-retail licenses without M$ support ] ;
Engine 100% safe from errors and brick with activation More Info »


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