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Comment by wingsio
about Adobe Premiere Pro · 14 days ago · 1 Helpful

Your article is easy to understand, the simple way of communicating is accessible to the majority of people. I will keep track of your posts regularly.

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gold standard for video editing

Comment by Kagerjay
about Adobe Premiere Pro · Jul 2017 ·

As title suggests, this is the gold standard in industry

Not final cut pro or sonyvegas


Not recommended

about Adobe Premiere Pro · ·

• Pros :
• Professional editing
• Fast Rendering with CUDA Support

• Cons :
• Too Complicated For Begineer
• High Resource Usage
• Commercial

• Notes :
• Portable version cause frequent crash and doesn't support CUDA
• Need to Setting sequence settings before editing
? Dimension 720p or 1080p with 60 FPS
Maximum Rendering



about Adobe Premiere Pro · · 1 Helpful

Learning how to use it is easy. Mastering how to use it... ...not so much



Comment by lscstu22
about Adobe Premiere Pro and Blender · Feb 2016 · 1 Helpful

best alternative imho... blender used to just be for 3d modeling/animations but recent updates have really fleshed out video editing

Comment by nejylici0us
about Adobe Premiere Pro · Feb 2013 · 1 Helpful

Simple, quick and surprisingly versatile little editor that runs quite well on my modest Windows PC.


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