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Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. It is the current and primary market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation, and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. It has been described as "an industry standard for graphics professionals" and was one of the early "killer applications" on the Mac.

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Nothing around beats it!

Positive Review by mzeshle about Adobe Photoshop CC Also mentioning: GIMP Mar 2012

The most superb raster graphics around yet (Although I'd like to see an osalt for it) I messed around a little bit with GIMP, but I have to admit that ppl who worked on gimp have not any glimpse about UI design\ UX e.g their icons are still colored this is bad for a graphics program where you only need to focus on your work... reducing colors will increase productivity of gimpers. Maybe for normal ppl gimp is more than enough but as for professionals it's not the best tool out there.

[Edited by mzeshle, March 28]