Adblock Plus Reviews

All ads are not blocked !

Negative Review by funeoz
about Adblock Plus Feb 2017

eyeo GmbH ( Adblock Plus) is paid by Google, Microsoft, Amazon for authorize some ads in YouTube, Google Search, Bing ... .
I recommend Adguard or Ublock Origin because they block ALL the ads.


Not as good as Ublock Origin! 1 Helpful

Negative Review by charlie55
about Adblock Plus Nov 2016

I used to like this plugin, than Ublock was created. There is actually a wannabe version of ublock too, so look for the original, Ublock Origin!

This addon is just not that good, it works but not great quality.


ad"block"plus UNACCEPTABLE default allows 3rd party ads by paid whitelist

Negative Review by KillAdwareDevelopers
about Adblock Plus Apr 2016

ad "block" plus forces 3rd party ad rendering by paying to be on a whitelist which is enabled by default

Wladimir Palant has made himself untrustworthy with his inane "acceptable privacy violation" defaults.

3rd party ads sell privacy for profit: this is ALWAYS UNACCEPTABLE.

ublock origin is the only remaining adBLOCK project with a focus on BLOCKING and safeguarding PRIVACY


Mind your browser's ram consumption

Negative Review by davidmbusto
about Adblock Plus Mar 2016

Adblock became the king of adblocking and did a good job -although it takes more time to load a site without ads than one with most ads showing- but recently they introduced plans for advertisers to profit from what adblock calls non-invasive ads.
Shifted to open-source ublock origins for a faster, lighter, non invasive option.



Positive Review by Compuitguy
about Adblock Plus Mar 2016

Adblock Plus is the ultimate blocker.


How did I live without it?

Positive Review by RockyB
about Adblock Plus Sep 2015

The first thing I do after browser installation - I install Adblock. You know, the Internet is really ugly without it. I have no idea, how did I live without it. With all those sticky adds!


uBlock uses less memory, open source and doesnt want money

Negative Review by s0me0ne
about Adblock Plus and Adblock Edge, uBlock May 2015

That's right Adblock monitized and allowed ads to go through with Adblock. So a lot of people dumped it for Adblock Edge, which was a fork that took out the sell out for money the original Adblock did years ago.

Well now someone has made a better plugin all together from scratch that uses less memory. UBlock is the future, uninstall adblock today and have your browser still block ads, run better and not worry about someone trying to make a buck or selling out and letting ads go through. The development team behind UBlock doesn't even want money donated, thats how committed they are to being open and beneficial to all people on the internet.

If you still install Adblock after all that, well you deserve to get ads they allow from Google and others and your browser to run crappy and crash. It's time to update, Adblock is yesterday and its time to flush the toilet, that turd is smelling horrible and the commode is stained.


Slow, heavy, and marketing behind your back.

Negative Review by rikskepatat
about Adblock Plus Jan 2015

The author blocks everyone who use their voice to inform people of better products.
Dump this slow marketingware, and take a look at µBlock, it does all ABP does, but only faster and lighter, and doesn't spy on you behind your back :

Regarding marketingware AdBlock Plus, read this for even more : Google, Amazon 'n' pals fork out for AdBlock Plus 'unblock'


Its always the first plugin I install.

Review by nohtml
about Adblock Plus Oct 2014

Even though the creator took money just to allow some ads through nothing really stops me from changing the filters and adding new subscriptions in order to get rid of those nasty annoying adverts, and those spam/scam/malware sites.


this. is. MUST. HAVE.

Positive Review by whirlst0ne
about Adblock Plus Aug 2014

Don't go out on the web without it. You would die in no time under a tremendous flow of sprawling ads.