Adapter Reviews

Absolutely Brilliant!

Positive Review by goodiestgoodman
about Adapter Jan 2015

No doubt the best converter I've seen in years. It doesn't just do the job either, it looks good at the same time. AND ITS FREE! 10/10 for me for offers a huge variety of video formats and can do multiple videos at a time for a price of exactly $0. Highly recommend to people who want to convert videos


Exciting at first but increasingly irritating

Positive Review by tanktop
about Adapter Aug 2014

I was really excited about this application at first, and it provides some great functions. The batch feature is especially great.

However, the resize function for images just doesn't work. It usually just ignores the fact I've selected a preset or typed something in custom, and the quality doesn't appear to change either.

That said it's still an impressive app as a catch-all convertor, which is why I'm giving it neutral here. If they fix the little nags, it'll be a powerhouse convertor.