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This application's window border bar button that lets you m ...

Comment by NginUS
about Actual Multiple Monitors Jun 2011

This application's window border bar button that lets you move the window to another monitor only lets you cycle through in whatever direction the application decides you have to cycle in.

Kindof a pain when many monitors are involved.

However a feasible workaround is to run UltraMon in tandem, to allow for their window-switch button to be displayed, which allows a choice of monitors to directly change to.

Works well on mine with Ultramon's 'Smart Taskbar' disabled, and Actual Multiple Monitors' more robust taskbar to be in it's place.
Then disable Actual Multiple Monitors' window border bar buttons, and allow UltraMon's to do it's thing instead.

This app allows there to be multiple 'folders' added to each window's taskbar independently, something UltraMon doesn't support.
Now I can have 'drawers' of apps/folders, like in KDE3 & Xfce, which is nice.