Active Collab Reviews

Great UX, amazing user support, best combinations of features VS. price we've found 1 Helpful

Positive Review by DariusR
about Active Collab Mar 2017

We migrated to Active Collab abount 2 months ago after attempting to work with Basecamp, Trello, and NutCache.

The combination of project management, team+client collaboration, time tracking, expense tracking, and project templates, API, and accounting add-on integrations made this hard to beat.

The UX is also the best that we've come across.


Very UX/UI

Positive Review by klikeri
about Active Collab Mar 2017

We are a small marketing agency and use it for tracking both project-based work as well as retainer-based clients where they are paying a fixed monthly fee for our services.

I would recommend Active Collab to any agency looking for a good overall project management tool.


Simple and straight forward, easy transition.

Positive Review by saharmadanat
about Active Collab Jan 2017

I was worried to switch to team and task management software and interrupt my workflow. But I was surprised after several software trials, to find that active collab was very quick to use. The learning curve is fast, and there is enough flexibility in the software to make what you want/need out of it for your team. Great software!