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Hello everyone! Will share my feelings of using this program. Definite pluses:
1) the Program takes up very little space on your hard drive and quickly installed.
2) program Launch is accompanied by a nice logo with the hedgehog, which creates the feeling of meeting with powerful graphics tools.
3) Have program wide multimedia capabilities. Great features edit basic forms, shapes according to your desire.
4) Your presentations - your presentation. There are no problems with privacy of your presentations. You decide to show your stuff or not. The program does not expose your personal presentation in public. This program respects your time, the collected data in the presentation, and your personality.
5) I could not find a similar program for windows with similar functionality that would, attention (!!!) FREE. Absolutely free. This program is a unique case.

Now the drawbacks (which, judging by the promises of the developers will be remedied in the near future):
1) Certainly made presentation need someone to show and, unfortunately, now to show the other person it is necessary to install the program on your computer. Support online viewing no.
2) Some difficult (as in graphic editors such as adobe) design, the interface is not very intuitive. Spend some time to get acquainted with the controls. It seems to me that the program has found good prospects, just need to modify it for a wider range of users and make the interface more clear.
My personal rating 4 of 5 points.