AbiWord Reviews

Windows version is old (2010)

Review by bawldiggle
about AbiWord Feb 2017

Abiword for Windows has not been updated since Oct-2010, due to lack of Windows developers.

Abiword for LINUX is well maintained


Not reliable

Negative Review by Jop
about AbiWord and LibreOffice - Writer Oct 2016

I tried to make a large document with this. Very unreliable. Some images never stay in the same place and aspect ratio after saving and opening, and it crashes so often (without autosave!) that in the end I had to open the file with LibreOffice (which fortunately has .abw support) just to be able to continue working.



Review by mohammadghasemi
about AbiWord Jul 2015

Can pull some gnome dependencies (printing is based on libgnomeprint, for example.) Compile yourself to avoid them