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Send Faxes quick and Easy! Price up from 4 cent/page! From anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection or the possibility to send emails. Send your fax to any faxnumber in the world and only pay the cost for transmission in the recipient's country if you send it by email (or via the internet). Save time and money Sending from your PC will save you time and money. No walk to the faxmachine and waiting endlessly for your document to finally send. Especially on multiple... More info »


MacE-Mail to Fax Service from all E-Mail Clients or GMail, WindowsPrinter-Driver 32bit Win XP, Vista, Win7 or E-Mail to Fax Service from all E-Mail Clients or GMail, LinuxE-Mail to Fax Service from all E-Mail Clients or GMail, OnlineE-Mail to Fax Service from all E-Mail Clients or GMail

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There are no Abacus Fax-Service alternatives for Linux listed in the database but we found some web / online alternatives listed and they might be relevant since most devices have a web browser. Feel free to add any alternative that you know of, or ask your friends on Twitter or Facebook if they can help out.

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