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Essential !!!

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If you still have doubts about this gem, just notice its number of "Likes" compared to those of the next competitor: WinRAR.

This is an essential part of the Freeware / OpenSource suite of applications that I always install and use on my PC.


Poor features

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Honestly Bandizip and ZipWare (both free) are much superior in terms of UI, better drag'n'drop, supported formats, etc. and are lightweight.
I still wonder why people knows only WinRAR and 7Zip....


Solid block size

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Can specify solid block size for compression. This feature is missing in WinRAR, which can create only fully solid or non-solid archives.
It's very useful when you need to pack many small files into single archive with good compression rate (which cannot be done without making archive solid in case of lot small files), but retain ability to quickly extract arbitary file. In this mode, files are grouped into blocks of given size, so you don't need to skip entire archive to get the file in the end, you just need to skip from beginning of the file's block.

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No recovery/parity

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No recovery/parity. There needs to be improvements for long term archiving.



Comment by LorDestinY
about 7-Zip and HaoZip · Aug 2015 · -4 Helpful

The User Interface is so ugly that it gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

Try HaoZip. You wont regret it.

I don't understand why some people just won't use winrar...

WinRAR is outdated and doesn't support all the formats.
Also it gives that annoying trial warning message.

There is way better alternatives.

HaoZip sucks and probably has some backdoor in it.


RAR5 support!

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Finally with the latest beta version (15.06) it can even handle RAR5 files. :)


Best archive manager

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Free, open source, powerful. 7z is an awesome format! What else do you need?


No more unpaid software

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At the end we did it :)

agree!! :)


The Best

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No other like it, just does what it is suppose to do!


Some random stuff...

Comment by realnabarl
about 7-Zip and KuaiZip, B1 Free Archiver, FreeArc · Jan 2013 · -1 Helpful

The most popular formats are zip, rar and 7z.

Zip is free, but its features are quite limited nowadays.

Rar has quite a lot nice features.

7z does not have recovery record feature, but that is not very important, for my experience these years, I'm not helped with WinRAR recovery record feature. Internet transfer corruption? I did not experienced that.

The compression ratio is not that important like earlier days. So Rar cannot be called "bad" in most cases. The most superior of 7z is lossless bitmat compression (like BMP).

Do we need other formats?
There are arc format from Small FreeArc iconFreeArc, b1 format from Small B1 Free Archiver iconB1 Free Archiver, kz from Small KuaiZip iconKuaiZip, PEA from Small PeaZip iconPeaZip, if there are more good format, please comment. Arc is better IMO, and it is still in developing. But all of these do not have big difference, and the newer ones do not supported by most archivers. Self-extract archive with exe? Not a bad idea but is it really necessary for us to do that? It will confuses people IMO. So maybe we still just need 7z.

I mostly use 7z unless I've to send data to low-tech guys that does not know other format than Zip.
Rar is also an excellent format due to recovery records, something Arc seems to be trying to do in open source flavor - a nice plus, but I've never had to rely on it, nothing is better than doing proper backup!
There is also Zipx from WinZip, that quite catch up lower range of 7z and Rar compression, but in my experience it is too slow for what it offers.



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  1. Good compression ratio
  2. Opens almost anything
  3. Free. What more could you ask for?

What more? I'd ask for jpeg bug fix for the start...

Maybe you can provide detail about this bug?

Opening an image in archive leads to this:
"Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because either the picture is deleted, or it's in a location that isn't available."

Last time i tried with WinRAR i ended up with a similar message. If you really want to open the jpg then assign an alternative image viewer like XNView for example. It works.

I bet that it's not only a 7-zip problem since XNView works.

try haozip

+1 to bugs in 7zip at Windows 8. Problems with temp folders, file associations... I'm changing to another software.


The 64-bit version is not working very flawlessly with Wint ...

Comment by web_knows
about 7-Zip · Jun 2011 ·

The 64-bit version is not working very flawlessly with Wintdows 7 64-bit. Other than that,4/5.


Themes for 7-Zip

Comment by DanMan
about 7-Zip · Jun 2011 · 1 Helpful

To remedy the ugly looks of both the program and the icons, try 7-Zip Theme Manager

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the best file archive utility ever

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The best file archive utility ever. I just wish they would implement zipx faster so i can remove Winzip.


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