Alternatives to 2048 for all platforms with any license

  • 2048 by Uberspot icon

    2048 by Uberspot

    This is the android port of 2048 . It's nothing fancy, just a webview that loads the locally stored html files of the original game. It's playable without internet (the app doesn't require any...

    Open Source Android Android Tablet

  • XOLT icon


    XOLT - is an addictive number puzzle game in a beautiful Stonehenge theme. - WARNING -. Playing XOLT might increase your IQ! - HOW TO PLAY - + Join the same numbers. + Collect Gold stones. + Join long chains. + Choose...

    Free Android iPhone iPad

  • 2048+ icon


    Support Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, play 2048 with joy. 2048+ is based on 2048 , conceptually similar to Threes by Asher Vollmer. How to play: 1. Swipe to move the tiles. 2. When two tiles with...

    Open Source Mac

  • 1024 icon


    Try this beautiful and addicted game, challenge your mind and imagination. From the kid to the king, grow your little characters, and try to make the final "2048"! ` Endless challenge from one simple game mode ` Swipe...

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • 2048 Alphabet icon

    2048 Alphabet

    Version of the 2048 game - 2048 Alphabet wiht letters, ideal for people who do not like numbers.

    Free Web / Cloud Android

  • Digit Disorder icon

    Digit Disorder

    Digit Disorder is a unique twist on the classic match-3 game. The primary goal is to fill the board with valid arithmetic expressions, while working around fun obstacles. Digit Disorder is easy to play, yet difficult to master! ...

    Free Android

  • 2048 Cubed (3D) icon

    2048 Cubed (3D)

    2048 Cubed (3D) - Yet another clone of 2048 but in 3D. Slide the 2 cubes with the same number to form new cubes and try to reach the 2048 cube! Swipe across the screen to move cubes up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards in...

    Free Web / Cloud Android Android Tablet

  • 4096 Number Puzzle - Double The Challenge icon

    4096 Number Puzzle - Double The Challenge

    4096 Number Puzzle for the iPhone and iPad, with new default mode, 6x6, 7x7 boards, Colorful themes are enabled and a lot more features. Swipe the tiles, when two tiles with the same number or same alphabets or elements are...

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Can you AAA icon

    Can you AAA

    Can You AAA is a fun number puzzle game. Objective is to get 3 Aces. How To Play: Swipe tiles and merge numbers. On each swipe, one of the numbers viz., 1,2,3,6,12 or 24 is generated randomly. The same numbers merge and add upto...

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Predator 2048 icon

    Predator 2048

    There is a New 2048 game! Become the Predator among Predators! Prove your brain power with one of the best addicting games! Solving these logical puzzles you’ll become true Predator fish! How to play Predator 2048: Swipe to move...

    Free Android Android Tablet

  • Fives icon


    Fives is a deceptively simple puzzle game where you match similar numbers. You can combine twos and threes, but not twos and twos, or threes and threes! Features include multiple game board sizes, timed mode, undo, Google Play Games...

    Free Android Android Tablet

  • colorszzzx icon


    a 2048-like with colors instead of numbers. .

    Free Android Android Tablet

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  • Cubik's 2048

    A 3D version of 2048!! Topple the cubes over one another. When two cubes of the same number touch, they merge into one! Get to the 2048 cube to win!

    Free Web / Cloud

  • 2048 Cute Edition icon

    2048 Cute Edition

    Take on the challenge that is 2048 but with the added fun of cute anime style tiles. This cute game will keep you playing even longer with its amazing game play and cuteness! Simply join the Cute Tiles to get to 2048, sounds...

    Free iPhone iPad

  • 1024 game icon

    1024 game

    Try the most addictive game in the World. Logical puzzle game. Join numbers and make 1024 tile. If you are genius make tile 2048.

    Free Web / Cloud Android

  • ZigZag Number icon

    ZigZag Number

    ZigZag Number is a simple number puzzle game. [How to play] Number blocks are only able to move to another line. After number block move, number block that is waiting come down from above. If you touch number block that is...

    Free Android iPhone iPad

  • 243 icon


    243 game is mathematical puzzle online game inspired by 2048 game. This is simular 2048 game with 5x5 grid.Try it. It's easy.

    Free Web / Cloud Android

  • Lines 123 icon

    Lines 123

    Lines 123 is a simple number puzzle game. [How to play] -The top number block in the three lines can be moved. -After number block move, number block that is waiting come down from above. -If you touch number block that is...

    Free Android iPhone iPad

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  • addUp icon


    addUp is an addictive and very challenging puzzle game. It's a trivial and fun puzzle, and a fastplayed version of 2048. With colorful tiles and smooth animated tile-movement. Swipe on the screen to move the tiles left, right, up...

    Free Windows Phone

  • White 2048 icon

    White 2048

    Threes! (by Asher Vollmer) and 2048 (by Gabriele Cirulli) introduced great new puzzle mechanics, and White aims at improving them. Unlike the aforementioned games: - You can't beat White by sending all...

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • 2x2 - Train your brain icon

    2x2 - Train your brain

    An easy logic game to master your math skills and prove that you didn't skip school for nothing after all! The awesome perks: - An easy gameplay. Download and play right away. - An offline access. No matter if you are up in...

    Free iPhone iPad

  • 2048 Maze icon

    2048 Maze

    Can you match 2, grow it, and make the final 2048? Come on, try this simple but very addictive puzzle game like never before! It will deep challenge and grow your mind beyond imagination. How to play: 1. Swipe to move every...

    Free Android Android Tablet

  • Neves! icon


    Neves - merging puzzle game. Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same color and number touch, they merge into one higher tile. "N" is the final tile, if these two connect, they will be completely removed.

    Free iPhone

  • 2048 Squeezy Numbers icon

    2048 Squeezy Numbers

    Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Squeezy Numbers was made with an intensive design approach to make the minimalistic 2048 app into something really cool and user friendly.

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Betract icon


    Betract is a puzzle game that will bend your mind. Simply add the numbers while trying to avoid subtractions! The rules are simple: - The game starts off like 2048 but allows you to move in six directions. - Equal numbers are...

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire

  • Stack'M Donuts icon

    Stack'M Donuts

    Combine similar delicious donuts to create wonderful new flavors with every swipe. This tantalizingly addictive puzzle will have you gripping your device for hours on end! Conceptually inspired by other popular games, Stack'M...

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Countdown Number Puzzle game icon

    Countdown Number Puzzle game

    You must use strategy and perseverance to succeed in this game If you liked 2048 you will love this new game The goal is to make the countdown to get to zero. Assemble the tiles with the same number to create a new tile with the...

    Free Android

  • 2048 Hex icon

    2048 Hex

    A smart but simple puzzle game about Hexes, Colors and LEDs. Each Hex tile consists of Three Color components: 1 - red, 2 - green, 3 -blue. Combine two Hex tiles of the same color with a simple swipe! • Unlock all 12 Hex...

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • 2048 by Sergey Belous icon

    2048 by Sergey Belous

    Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! It's not as easy as it looks! Good luck! Based on 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli.

    Free Windows Phone

  • 2048 Casino Chips icon

    2048 Casino Chips

    2048 and casino chips? The greatest combination of all time. Come play the newest version of the famous addictive 2048 game. 2048 Casino !! Swipe to move the casino chips. Join two casino chips of same value and get to 2048.

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Lines 12 icon

    Lines 12

    Lines 12 is a simple number puzzle game. [How to play] - If the number block is attached to empty space, can be moved in that direction. - After number block move, number block that is waiting come down from above. - If you...

    Free Android

  • Maths Puzzle icon

    Maths Puzzle

    This is a simple, fun and addictive maths puzzle game. Arrange the numbers in proper order to satisfy the equation. HOW TO PLAY: Select number to move and click on any cell in the equation to place it. 382 Easy Level Puzzles 300...

    Free Android

  • 2048 bot icon

    2048 bot

    Play the game of 2048 right in Slack or Telegram.

    Free Web / Cloud Telegram Slack

  • Level 19 icon

    Level 19

    Puzzle game that challenges the players ability to think critically and react quickly.

    Free iPhone iPad

  • 2Fruits — new way of 2048 puzzle! icon

    2Fruits — new way of 2048 puzzle!

    This is a remastering of famous 2048 puzzle game, your objective is to swipe the tiles, when two tiles with the same fruit are matched, they merge into another fruit.

    Free Web / Cloud Android Android Tablet



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how about this mini game
I think 2014 is very interesting game? so I develop a similar game DGame which is a eliminate game?