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I've run 1Password for about 4 years, and it has worked pretty well. I have it on my laptop, office mac, home desktop mac, home PC, and iPhone. The good things are that it loads many pages with a click, and loads credit card info. I also like the Bropbox sync. I paid $49 for v5 (about) and got a free upgrade to v6, and Windows and Mac and iPhone versions free.

There have been some downsides. Annoyingly, they issue 'crucial' updates about twice a week. I tend to ignore these because usually it means one bank in Kansas is now an autofill. Once last year, though, I upgraded after a couple of months, and things stopped working. My browser module wouldn't work and for a reason I can't recall I couldn't access my library even with the main app. My wife had the same issue. There was no notice of an issue on the Agilebits web site, and I tried things like reinstalling, getting a backup from Dropbox, to no avail. I had some important banking to do, and could not access my account other than by phone (gasp!). Finally, I posted on the Agilebits forum, and an employee said "Oh, yeah, that last update three weeks ago is incompatible with Firefox, you have to downgrade." I managed to get through that, but it pissed me off because it took three weeks to acknowledge that their upgrade meant that you lost access to your passwords. On the forum, when I voiced my displeasure, I was told: "You should know that the first rule of computers is 'always keep a backup'" Now wait a minute. I have a backup. About 12 backups. But BECAUSE OF THEIR FAILURE NONE OF MY BACKUPS WOULD WORK. I asked what kind of backup he meant, maybe a paper printout, and he didn't respond. I think you do need a paper printout, or an encrypted spreadsheet, because when your data depends on their software, you could be screwed. In this situation, I think it means a backup password manager.

I started thinking about this then, but it came to a boil today when I was setting up my new hackintosh. 1Password was the 3rd or 4th app to make the move, but I downloaded the same version from their website. But no! This version, with the same name won't take my security key, and won't open my archives on dropbox. And after trashing that, and opening a copy moved from my laptop, "your archives format is newer than your software" (But all copies of the software have the same version number!!). To get around this I had to delete the ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4 folder, and move my old one in first. I was afraid they had munged my Dropbox vault, which got that 'too old' error, but it seems to be OK.

The other issue is stupid backups. They hide the backups in Application Support but don't give you easy access to these. My laptop has a 256 gb SSD so space is at a premium, and when I was really frustrated I found 6 GB (!!!!) of backups in the 1Password folder. These were hundreds of ~40 MB backups seemingly twice a day going back for years. I deleted most of these, and again commented on the user forum. The employee who commented said "it's really important that we keep these backups". Even time machine is less of a disk hog. I wouldn't be as upset if the app had informed me that this backup existed, or gave me a way to browse or review the frequency etc, but AFAIK there is no way to see it other than browsing your library directory. I just checked, and it's much better now, I have only about 12 biweekly backups, so they must have changed that behavior. I still don't like the attitude about "We know more than you do about what to do with your data."

Finally, Lifehacker rated 1Password highly in part because of the once off $49 price tag. This is a good thing, but they've gotten rid of it. If you have a license now, you're ok through v6 it seems (if you move the 1Password 4 folder in Application support, there is a file that holds your license, and if you click that it re-licenses on your new computer. That was good, but is not the future. They have a software as a service model that is $3 per month for individuals and $5 for families. My $49 would have gotten me about a year and a half. I see why they do this, but IMO, it sucks.

I'm preparing for a migration to a manager with support that has a better attitude. It's too bad. And just in case you think I'm just a cheap bastard, I pay for upgrades with the software that makes my life easier: Pathfinder, Default Folder, FileBuddy, Transmit, etc. They don't play these games with me though.

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I have tried Dashlane (Free and Paid account) , LastPass (Free and Paid account), and 1Password (Free and Paid account) and 1Password is hands down the absolute best.


Probably the Best Commercial Currently Option Available

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Things that make it better:
Does not force you into a monthly subscription fee for synchronizing
Polished interface makes it easy to stay organized
Supports many platforms (Mac, PC, Chrome, Android, iPhone, etc)
Watchtower feature looks interesting

Things that make it worse:
Auto-entry on android devices requires changing your default keyboard to theirs
Opens links in their built-in web browser instead of your default.
No way to identify old entries for the sake of removal