• gnome tasks

    Tasks is a simple to-do list application for GNOME.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • SLiM

    Lightweight and elegant graphical login solution.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

    • Discontinued
  • mpc

    A minimalist command line interface to MPD.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • ncmpc

    ncmpc is a fully featured MPD client, which runs in a terminal (using ncurses). Its goal is to provide a keyboard oriented and consistent interface to MPD, without wasting resources.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • gimmage

    a simple image viewer for unix

    Open Source Linux Xfce

    • Discontinued The project is no longer developed. Last version, 0.2.3, released in June 2007, can be still downloaded from SourceForge
  • OpenDict

    OpenDict is free multiplatform computer dictionary.

    Open Source Windows Linux Xfce

  • google-gadgets-for-linux

    Google Gadgets for Linux provides a platform for running desktop gadgets under Linux, catering to the unique needs of Linux users.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Ogg Vorbis

    Ogg Vorbis is a high-quality lossy audio codec which is free of intellectual property restrictions (like those surrounding MP3). These are the tools that one needs to create and play Ogg Vorbis files on the commandline, as well as a simple...

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • GNU Freetalk

    Freetalk is a console based chat client for Google Hangout and other XMPP servers.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • gnome Snappy icon

    gnome Snappy

    snappy is an open source media player that gathers the power and flexibility of gstreamer inside the comfort of a minimalistic clutter interface.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • GQview icon


    An image browser for X

    Open Source Windows Linux Xfce

    • Discontinued The project is no longer developed. Last version, 2.0.4, released in December 2006, can be still downloaded from the official website.
  • GImageView

    Minimal ACDSee-like image viewer

    Open Source Linux Xfce

    • Discontinued The project is no longer developed. Last version, 0.2.27, released in December 2004, can be still downloaded from the official website.
  • Day Planner

    Calendar with reminder and scheduled alarms

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Xfce4 Dictionary

    A dictionary, spelling checker and speed reader application

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Potamus

    Lightweight audio player with a simple interface and an emphasis on high audio quality

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Xfmpc

    A graphical GTK+ MPD client focusing on low footprint.

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Mesk

    Audio player based on GStreamer

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Heraia icon


    Lightweight HEX-Editor

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • KISS Player icon

    KISS Player

    A Simple and Lightweight Music Player.

    Open Source Windows Linux Xfce

  • Fetchmail icon


    Fetchmail is a full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility intended to be used over on-demand TCP/IP links (such as SLIP or PPP connections). It supports every remote-mail protocol now in use on the...

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Pragha icon


    Pragha is a Lightweight Music Player for GNU/Linux, based on Gtk, sqlite, and completely written in C, constructed to be fast, light, and simultaneously tries to be complete without obstructing the daily work. ;)

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • MCabber

    MCabber is a small XMPP (Jabber) console client. It includes features such as SASL/SSL/TLS support, MUC (Multi-User Chat) support, history logging, command completion, OpenPGP encryption, OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging) support, dynamic...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Xfce